Building Fees

Wagon Wheel: $850.00
(150 seating capacity with band and dance floor)
(200 with dance floor)
(250 with no dance floor)

The Meadow: $600.00
(450 seating capacity)

Tombstone Café: $250.00
(28 seating capacity)

Gazebo: $50.00
(42 seating capacity)

*Prices include table & chair set up only, no decorations, catering, or linen rental available*

Mandatory Costs

Deposit to hold Date: $350.00
(Deposit Deducted from total billing)
Deposit to hold gazebo Date: $25.00
(Deposit deducted from total billing)
Deposit to hold Date: $175.00
(Deposit deducted from total billing)
Self-Catering Fee (all events w/food): $325.00
Can use catering of choice
Damage/Liability/Cleaning*: $400.00
Clean deposit (*Refunded in whole or part after member of management has assessed venue upon completion of event. Clean up required at end of event.)

TOMBSTONE CAFÉ EVENTS Damage/Liability/Cleaning*: $200.00
Clean deposit (*Refunded in whole or part after member of management has assessed venue upon completion of event. Clean up required at end of event.)

Self Cater

We thank you for choosing the Terry Bison Ranch as your host facility for your up and coming event. We look forward to serving you and your guest.
The following is an outline to help all parties involved better understand the guidelines, allowances, and restrictions of a self-catered event. The building charges and fees include the use of the facility, the tables and chairs, bathrooms, utilities and the atmosphere you have sought. This however, does not include: electrical cords or kitchen utensils. Nor does the fee include any use of or access to the kitchen, dish room, prep space, wait stations, or any other areas of the ranch not dually stated on your contract, and this includes water and ice. Please do not ask to use the kitchen. It is undeniably off limits due to health department rules and regulations regarding cross contamination, further our insurance does not allow this due to the liability inflicted upon the ranch. Both entrance doors to the kitchen will be remaining locked for the duration of your event. Trying to change the terms and conditions of the facilities statement will give TBR discretion and grounds to terminate the contract and its proceedings. Deposit will remain non-refundable. Your group is responsible for bringing all necessary items that you will need for your function. This includes refrigeration, coolers, warmers, serving utensils, silverware, glassware, plates, chaffing pans, dish towels, and any other items you could possibly need for your function. The only tools that TBR can and will supply are those needed for clean up after the event: Trash cans and liners, brooms, towels, etc. TBR is a licensee of the Wyoming liquor commission. This means that ALL alcohol including but not limited to: beer, wine, champagne and spirits must be purchased, provided, and served by trained and TIPS certified TBR employees and staff ONLY. Under no circumstance is this policy flexible, any off premises alcohol will be immediately confiscated and disposed of and authorities may be called. Property damage, theft, areas left unclean will be charged accordingly and paid immediately. A $325 Self-Catering Fee will be reflected on your contract and final invoice. TBR will set up and tear down all tables and chairs as well as banquet lines in accordance with predetermined or general schematics. Set up will take place the day of the event only, unless it is predetermined for an early set up and reflected on the contract. Due to the fact that you are catering your own food, TBR will not be held liable for any food related illness. Due to the fact that you are electing to utilize out self cater program there will be no service staff.