Maddison Kile "MJ" is a Fulltime employee, currently attending school and working. Maddison Kile enjoys hunting, dirt bike riding, and horseback riding. MJ plays an important role on the ranch cross trained in multiple departments. This young cowgirl is on the rise to a successful Career.


My name is Jade and I am a Wyoming native. In addition to working on the ranch, I am an auto body tech and will probably be working on my S10 or cleaning up my car. You can catch me line dancing or at Cadillac Ranch on the weekends!

Shannon Atencio

Shannon Atencio is a full time employee with 2 boys at home, with a mother that also shares love for this ranch and always checks on Walter, our singing turkey. Shannon has been proving herself in the short time she has been apart of our team. Her long term goals and aspirations are becoming Banquet and Event Manager. Shannon currently works in the trading post, and is being crossed trained in housekeeping and banquets.


My name is Caleb. I served as a sergeant in the Marine corps for 9 years. I was so excited when I applied for this job. My dad had me sit a horse at the age of 5 and it became a lifetime addiction. You can find me out on the trail, driving the train, or doing anything else that needs done on Terry Bison Ranch.
train driver and guide



Randy has worked with us for approximately 23 years. Randy was born in South Dakota, and has worked ranches and feedlots all over the northwest! Randy, used to break Broncs. Randy's words are "there aint anything an wild as me."


Sam currently is a trading post employee being cross-trained in other departments. Sam works fulltime to Parttime and dedicates her time to schooling, family and this ranch. Sam brings energy to everyone around her and is a valued member of our Team.



My name is Staci Johnson I am a mom of 2 Boys AJ 21 & Brady 11. I am a grandma of 15 raising 2 LJ and a girl Layla. My husband and have been together since 2015 and married since 2018!! I was a Medical Assistant for 20 years before coming to TBR. I'm known for helping at all times and being there for everyone at anytime.


Howdy! My name is Chance. (Forgetting my name is pretty hard to do... Since second chances are pretty rare!) I was born in Uzbekistan but Wyoming is where I call home. I love acting, working with horses and making people laugh and at this job, I get to do all three! You'll find me doing a little bit of everything here at the ranch. Just look at the short, brown, bald guy. Happy trails!


My name is Pamela and I am new I have 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren I love working here!